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Individual Counseling

Counseling psychology is a construct that encompasses research and applied work.


Student Counseling

Student counseling is a professional educational service wherein practitioners strive to meet the needs of students.


Family counseling

Family counseling works with families and couples in intimate relationships to nurture change and development.


Workshop & Training

A training workshop is a type of interactive training where participants carry out a number of training activities.


The world today is competitive, unpredicted and fast changing which has left man with no other choice but to be completely dependent on technology. This rapid development of technology and an evolving modern society has placed unexpected high demands on human life. People from every walk of life including children find it daunting to cope with life’s challenges. There is a dearth of training for laymen and professionals, to learn, equip and implement strategies to balance life and achieve the ultimate goal of attaining peace and happiness. In the pursuit of accumulating wealth, fame, etc., man has lost humanness.

ABI’S PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING AND RESEARCH CENTRE, functioning from 2011, is a place where people navigate life’s challenges and are healed from various stressed situations. The centre provides exceptional counseling and personal development services through training to individuals of all ages. The centre adopts a theory based approach with practical implications in the current situation. The professional approach with ethics leads to effective treatment. Each client is different presenting unique challenges; they are successfully dealt with expertise. Thus the ultimate goal of the centre in realization of human potential is attained.


"To empower people to realize and reach their potential."

"To aid in leading psychologically healthy life."


"To create awareness among people regarding mental hygiene."

"To restore, equip people with strategies towards self transformation, adjustment psychological wellness and attain peace."

Profile of the Counsellor

Personal Details


QUALIFICATION: M.A., M.Sc., M.Phil, NET, Ph.D (Psychology),


MOBILE NO: +91 9443285664 / 9486141836

EMAIL ID: abispsychologicalcounseling@gmail.com

Professional Experiance:

Name of the Institution Designation Handled Papers Duration
Abi’s Psychological Counselling and Research Centre, Trichy-21 Founder and Chief Psychologist Functions- Counselling and giving psychotherapy for all age groups. Freelance Trainer and Motivational Speaker Aug.2011- Till Date
Holy Cross College (Autonomous), Trichy-2 Asst. Professor-PG Dept. of Psychology Adv.General Psychology,Cognitive Psychology,Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology,Psychotherapeutic
Mentor for clinical case study internship.
Guidance for research projects.
Aug.2017-April 2019
Srimad Andavan Arts & Science college Asst. Professor- PG Dept. of Psychology Theories of Personality, Developmental Psychology
Mentor for clinical case study internship.
Guidance for research projects.
Jun.2015 - April 2017
Bharathidasan University Visiting Faculty M.A.-Gender and Psychology, Gender and Development Aug 2014 – April 2015
Mardas School of Social Work, Chennai Asst. Professor – Dept. of Counseling Psychology. B.Sc., - Child Development and General Psychology – II M.Sc., - Training and Development and Life Skills. Supervised Training modules and guided research projects for M.Sc. Ju.2012 – Apr.2013
Jenneys College of Nursing – Trichy -9 Visiting Faculty,students counselor B.SC Nursing-Psychology Sep. 2011 – Feb.2012
Indira college of Nursing, Konalai Trichy Visiting Faculty B.SC Nursing - Psychology Sep. 2011 – Feb.2012
Nehru college of Nursing Trichy-20 Visiting Faculty B.SC Nursing -Psychology Sep. 2011 – Feb.2012
Bharathidasan University, Women’s Studies Department, Trichy-23 Visiting Faculty Gender Psychology and Counseling Conducted Certificate course - counseling and life skills management. Dec.2011 – Apr. 2012
Athma Institute of Mental Health and Social Science, Trichy-18 Psychologist cum Lecturer Research Methodology, Psychotherapy, Skills of counselling Jun.2009 – Jun. 2011

Key Skills & Achievements

  • 1. 2 years experience as Clinical Psychologist in Mumbai.
  • 2. Giving counseling and Psychotherapy for Out-Patients and In - patients.
  • 3. Organizing workshops.
  • 4. Being a resource person to various academic institutions.
  • 5. Member of Board of studies for PG Psychology program at Srimad Andavan Arts & Science College, Trichy.
  • 6. . Reframed syllabus – Course paper “Child Development” for B.Sc psychology and “ClinicalPsychology” for M.Sc counselling Psychology in Madras School of Social work, Chennai.
  • 7. Member of syllabus revision committee for PG. Diploma courses in Athma Institute of Mental Health and Social Sciences, Trichy.
  • 8. Appointed as Chief Superintendent of Examination for the PG.Diploma Courses in Athma Institute of Mental Health and Social Sciences, Trichy by Bharathidasan University.

Qualification Highlights

Category – B Research Scholar in from June 2011 – Synopsis submitted

Degree Name of the Institution/University Class Passed Year
Ph.D.(Psychology) Bharathiar University, Coimbatore Awaiting Viva
M.Sc.,(Counseling Psy.) University of Madras First class June 2012
NET (Psy.) University Grants Commission New Delhi Passed June 2008
M.Phil., (Psy.) Tamil Nadu Open University – Chennai. Fist class July 2010
Visharad Uttarardh (Hindi) D.B.H.P.Sabha – Trichy Fist class February – 2009
M.A., (Clinical Psy.) S.N.D.T University – Mumbai (Regular) Second Class July 1998
B.A., (Psychology) P.N.Doshi Womens College Mumbai First class July 1996


  • Handled postgraduate diploma week end programs (five courses).
  • Prepared study materials for the PG. Diploma.
  • Participated in Board of Studies as Special invitees for PG.Diploma courses in Bharathidasan University.
  • Organized workshops.
  • Contributed to students personal growth and life skills development across the range of the School and college programs.
  • Teaching nursing interns about basic Psychology and Mental illness.
  • Appointed as Chief Superintendent of Examination for the PG.Diploma courses by Bharathidasan University.
  • Supervising PG.Diploma students in field work and community organization Programmes.

Awards & Honours

IInd Rank English Higher Level 2nd year B.A.,
IIIrd Rank All Subjects 3rd Year B.A.,
Ist Prize Inter-Collegiate Elocution(Psychology –Aggression) 3rd Year B.A.,
Nominated Best Student 3rd Year B.A.,
Best research paper award Bombay Psychology Association-Mumbai- Title- “Cognitive functioning in elderly” 2nd Year M.A.
Certificate of Appreciation Madras School of Social Work Asst.Professor

Research & Experience

M.A.,     Topic: “Children of working parents are independent than Children of non-working parents”

M.Phil.,     Topic: “ A study of Individual interest and job satisfaction On their job performance”

Papers Published

1 “Psychological intervention on self-esteem among school students” International Journal of Research and Analytical Review. Vol.6, Issue 2. UGC Approved Journal No. 43602 E-ISSN-2348-1269 ISSN-2349-5138, Impact Factor-5.75 April-June 2019
2 “Resilience, self-esteem and personality among female adolescents” . International Journal of Research and Analytical Review. E-ISSN-2348-1269 ISSN-2349-5138 Impact Factor-5.75 Dec- 2018
3 “Adjustment of School students – A comparison between Male and Female Adolescents”Co-Author Shanlax International Journal of Arts, Sciences and Humanities. UGC Approved Journal No. 43960 Impact Factor:2.114 ISSN No.2321-788X Oct – 2017
4 “Influence of individual interest and job satisfaction on their job performance” PEZZOTTAITE JOURNALS- International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Sciences Perspective 2319-9016(Print) 2319-9024(Online) Impact Factor 7.368 April-June 2017
5 “Life skills development among adolescents” IJMER- International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research Vol 6, Issue 2(2). 2277-7881 Impact Facto-4.527 IC Value-5.16 Feb-2017
6 “Parenting and psychological wellbeing of adolescents-An intervention study” IOSR-Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. Vol.5 e-ISSN:2279-0837 p-ISSN:2279-0845 Impact Factor- 1.607 Jan-2017.
7 “Parenting Styles Influencing Personality Development of Catering Students” The International Journal of Indian Psychology. Vol.4, Issue 1. ISSN 2348-5396 (e) | ISSN: 2349-3429 (p) Oct-Dec 2016
8 “A study on job satisfaction among RPF personnel”. International Journal of Research Instinct Vol.3 Issue 2 ISSN No. Online 2348-2095 Aug. 2016
9 “Effect of parent training on psychological wellbeing, personality, life skills development of adolescents- A pilot study” International Journal of Scientific Research Vol.5 Issue 2 ISSN No.2277 – 8179 IMPACT FACTOR: 3.508 Feb.2016
10 “Psychological factors and moods-Influence on consumer behaviour” International Journal of Research Instinct Special Issue ISSN ONLINE- 2348-2095 Oct.2015
11 “Positive Discipline Promotes Adolescent Mental Health” International Journal of Scientific Research Vol.4 Issue 7 ISSN No.2277 – 8179 IMPACT FACTOR: 3.2416 July 2015
12 “Music – Its Influence on Self awareness and Stress among Adolescents”. Indian Journal of Applied Research Vol. 4 Issue:6 ISSN – 2249-555X IMPACT FACTOR:2.1652 June- 2014
13 “Impact of Cognitive Restructuring Techniques on the Emotional Maturity and Resilience of Middle School Children” Co-Author Research Studies in “Child and Women Mental Health” Department of Psychology University of Madras. ISBN: 978-93-81992-21-0 March 2014
14 “A study of Psychological well being and life skills development – Comparison among adolescent males and females” - International Conference on Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Progressive Outlook – A refereed National Research Journal of Social Sciences Vol.III No.1-B ISSN: 2231-2358 April 2013
15 “Influence of Stress, Resilience, Self-Esteem on Psychological Well-being among working women”. Psychology of Women – Emerging Research & Strategies ISBN: 978-81-787404-3-0 March 2013

Papers Presented

1 “Cognitive functioning in elderly”- Second prize for best paper presentation Bombay Psychological Association 20.02.1998
2 “Emotional Regulation among Helping Professionals” - National seminar on well-being across life span Dept. of Psychology ,Ethiraj College - Chennai 30.08.2012
3 “A study of Psychological wellbeing and life skills development – Comparison among adolescent males and females” - International Conference on Child and Adolescent Mental Health Dept.of Social Work , Bharathidasan University - Trichy 18,19.01.2013
4 “Influence of stress, resilience, Self esteem on Psychological well being among working women” - National Seminar on Psychology of Women – Emerging Research & Strategies Dept. of Psychology , Manonmaniam Sundaranar University 8,9.03.2013
5 “A study of Job Satisfaction and Individual Interest on Job Performance among RPF Personal – Their Rights and Duties” - National Seminar on Human Rights: Dynamics and Dialectics Dept. of Women’s Studies, Bharathidasan University 10,11.12.2013
6 “Positive Discipline Promotes Adolescent Mental Health” – National Conference on Enhancing Psychological well being Dept. of Psychology , Bharathiar University 20,21.02.2014
7 UGC-Sponsored “Child & Women Mental Health” Dept. of Psychology, IDE, University of Madras. 21 – 23 Mar 2014
8 “Enhancing Psychological wellbeing through Psychological Intervention for school going Adolescents” – National Conference on Psychology for Safe Schools and Healthy Students Pondicherry Psychology Association, Pondicherry 14,15.02.2015
9 “Parenting styles influencing personality development of catering students” - National seminar on Psychology at cross roads: Integrating theory, Research and Practice” Dept. of Psychology – Periyar University 20,21.02.2015
10 “Psychological factors & moods- Influence on consumer behaviour”- State level seminar on emerging trends in modern marketing. Dept. of Management- Srimad andavan arts and science college, Trichy. 25.9.2015
11 “Parenting and psychological wellbeing of adolescents-An intervention study” International Conference on “Well-Being of children, youth, and adults: A global social work perspective”. Department of Social Work, Bishop Heber College, Trichy in Collaboration with Indian Development Foundation(IDF)-Mumbai 20-21 Jan 2017
12 “Life skills development among adolescents” International Conference on “Emerging trends in professional social work”. Dept. of Social Work, Jamal Mohammad College-Trichy. In Collaboration with Howest University – Belgium 16 Feb 2017
13 “Adjustment of school students- A comparison between male and female adolescents” International Conference on “School Mental Health”. Dept. of Social Work, Bharathidasan University, Trichy-23 25-26 Oct 2017
14 “Personality and Resilience among College Students” International Conference" Holy Cross College, (Autonomous), Trichy-2 25-27 July 2018

Conferences & Seminars Participated

1 “Professional social work in India- Contribution to welfare and development” - National conference. Bharathidasan University 11,12.02.2010
2 “Child Psychiatric” - Annual CME Indian Psychiatric Society. Trichy Association of Psychiatry 26.12.2010
3 Positive Behaviour: Perspectives and Applications - National Conference Pondicherry University 21, 22.09.2012
4 Challenges and strategies for Promoting Psychological well being University of Madras 22.03.2013
5 “Current Perspectives in Educational Psychology” International Conference TNOU & Women’s Christian College,Chennai. 28.11.2013-29.11.2013
6 “Current Issues of Concern in Front of Women Today” - National Symposium Cauvery college for Women, Trichy and Regional Association for Women’s Studies (RAWS) 20,21.02.2014
7 “Quality enhancement in teaching, research and extension in higher learning institutions- problems & prospects”- National seminar Kanchi mamunivar centre for postgraduate studies, puducherry. 20, 21.8.2015
8 “At risk sections of society” International seminar Dept.of social work, Bharathidasan University, Trichy 05.02.2016
9 “Recent research trends in computer science”- One day state level seminar Srimad Andavan Arts and science college, Trichy 03,04.03.2016
10 “Qualitative research techniques in social sciences” National level seminar cum workshop PG & Research Dept. of Social work, Kristu Jayanti college, Bengaluru. 03,04.03.2016
11 “Trends in counseling across lifespan” National Seminar Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Sriperumbudur, Chennai. 11.03.2016
12 “Impact of e-Technology on Teaching, Learning and Evaluation” National Seminar Srimad Andavan Arts and science college, Trichy 12.03.2016
14 Contemporary Technologies: Prospects and Challenges for Psychological Well-being- International Conference Anugraha Institute of Social Sciences(Dindugul), Prajyoti Niketan College (Kerala), St.Mary’s College (Tuticorin) 06.01.2018
15 “Global Happiness” – International Conference Indian Association of Applied Psychology & Dept. of Psychology, Manonmanian Sundarnar 23.01.2020 to 25.01.2020

Workshops Participated

1 “Qualitative Research Methodology” Dept. of Counselling Psychology, Madras School of Social Work 15.02.2013
2 “Research Methods using SPSS” Hallmark Business School, Trichy 13.12.2013
3 “Achieving Excellence in Research Endeavor” PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore 20,21.12.2013
4 “Academic Writing for Ph.D Scholars in Tamilnadu – Two day – workshop Cauvery college for Women, Trichy and Regional Association for Women’s Studies (RAWS) 20,21.02.2014
5 “The Art of Publishing” - A One – Day Workshop Publication Department, Bharathidasan University 27.11.2014
6 “Research Methodology & Publication of Research Article” – A One-week Faculty Development Programme Bharathidasan University 29.12.2014 – 04.01.2015
7 “Quality enhancement in teaching, research and extension in higher learning institutions- problems & prospects”- National seminar RGNIYD, Sriperumbudur and Dept. of English, University of Madras 28,29.01.2015
8 “Structural Equation Modeling using R – Two-day Workshop University of Mumbai 31.01.2015, 01.02.2015
9 “Various Techniques in Mathematical Statistics and Its applications” – One day Symposium Indian Statistical Institute Chennai Centre and Dept. of Statistics, Bharathidasan University 28.02.2015
10 “Prospects and Perspectives in Multidisciplinary Research- A Transitional Approach” One Day Workshop Aiman College of Arts & Science for Women, Trichy 30.01.2016
11 “Recent Research Trends in Social Sciences”A National workshop. Department of social work- Cauvery College for women 22,23.04.2016
12 Workshop on “Promotion of Mental Health and Psychological well being of adolescents using Life Skills approach” National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) – Bangaluru, Karnataka state 24- 26.10.2016
13 “Scale Development in Behavioural Sciences”- Faculty Development Programme (FDP) Firebird Institute of Research in Management, Coimbatore 27.04.2019
14 “Theory Building and Article Writing”- Two Day Faculty Programme. Cauvery College for Women, Trichy-18 03.06.2019 & 04.06.2019

Training Completed

1 “Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing” Level II (17 Hrs Training by Dr.Francine Shapiro, Ph.D) Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Institute, Inc. Watsonville, USA & S.N.D.T.Womens University, Mumbai. 06.01.1999
2 “Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy”(32 Contact Hours by Fr.S.M.P.Staney CSsR) Anugraha-Capuchin Institute of Counselling & Psychotherapy & Research Dindigul-Tami,Nadu. 01.11.2016 – 04.11.2016.
3 One day “Basic Training Programme on Human Rights”. Dept. of Management, Srimad Andavan Arts and science College, & National Human Rights Commission , New Delhi. 03. Feb.2017
4 “LaTeX-An Advanced Formatting Tool” Short Term Course. Srimad Andavan Arts & Science College- Trichy-5 22- 25 Feb . 2017.
5 “Training of Trainers in Life Skills” Five Days Training Programme National Institute of Technology (NIT), Trichy & Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development(RGNIYD) 27-2-2017 – 03-03-2017.
6 “Art of writing research article and online citation promotion” One week short term course Dept. of Women’s Studies, Bharathidasan University, Trichy-23. 22- 28 Oct. 2018.
7 “Cognitive Behaviour Therapy” One day training program " M.S. Chellamuthu Institute of Mental Health and Rehabilitation. 29-Feb 2020

Member of Organizing Committee for State Level Workshop on “Current Perspectives on Adolescent Mental Health” - 08.01.2016. PG. Dept. of Psychology in Srimad Andavan Arts & Science College, Trichy.

Talking Sessions

1 “Teenage Problems” Live Interview All India Radio, First frequency Trichy
2 “Self Improvement” Vedanta college of Management and Information Technology Kalyan, Mumbai, Maharastra State
3 “Memory Techniques” Chandresh Lodha Memorial English School Mumbai
4 “Seeds of Success” Jenneys College of Catering and Hotel Management, Trichy
5 “Sikaratthai Nokki” Namakkal Kavingar Govt.Arts college Namakkal
6 “Self Motivation” Holy Cross College Trichy
7 “Handling Teenagers” for parents Holy Cross College Trichy
8 “Achieving in Exam” Govt.Boys Hr.Sec. School,Pugalur Karur
9 “Life skills” National Institute of Technology Trichy
10 “Decision-Making” Athma education and research foundation Trichy
11 ”Exam stress management K.A.P Viswanathan Hr.Sec.School Trichy
12 “Life skills for youth” Thanthai Hans Rowers Teacher training Institute Perambalur
13 “Enhancing Self” Govt.Girls Hr.Sec. School Trichy
14 “Over coming exam fear” Corporation. Hr.Sec School Aamur, Trichy Dist
15 “Memory Skills and Mental Health” Corporation. Hr.Sec School Trichy
16 “Causes of forgetting and Improving Memory” Vasavi Vidhyalaya Mat.Hr.sec.School Trichy
17 “Persuasion” Athma –mind centre Trichy
18 “Changing Attitudes” Holy Cross College Trichy
19 “Emotional Intelligence” Athma –mind centre Trichy
20 “Personality Development” Vivekanadha College of Arts and Science for Women Tiruchengode, Namakkal Dt
20 “Enhancing women’s inner strength” Holy cross college Trichy
20 “Psychometric Assessment” Bishop Heber College Trichy
20 “Self Enhancement” AVVM Sri Pushpam college of arts & science Tanjore

Online Workshop

1 “Sickness is emotion staying in body” National Webinar Dept. Of Psychology, Holy Cross College, Trichy. 7th Sept. 2020
2 “Clinical Hypnotherapy” Three day Online Workshop Wellbeing Centre, Institute for Counselling and Psychotherapy, Chennai. 28-30 Aug. 2020
3 “Formulating Virtual Events-A Pragmatic Approach” PSG College of Education Shankari, Salem-1 17-18 Aug. 2020
4 Creative Movement Therapy-Three day Online Workshop Wellbeing Centre, Institute for Counselling and Psychotherapy, Chennai. 08-10th Aug. 2020
5 Modalities of raising quality of research- Three day National Webinar Dept. of Social work- Srimad Andavan Arts and Science College, Trichy. 27th -29th July 2020
6 Behaviour Blind Spots-Online Webinar MS Chellamuthu Institute of Mental health and Rehabilitation, Madurai. 25th July 2020
7 Emotional, Physical and Social Wellbeing amidst Covid-19 –Online Webinar Stella Matutina College of Education, Chennai. 18th July 2020
8 Love Languages- Online Webinar MS Chellamuthu Institute of Mental health and Rehabilitation, Madurai. 18 July 2020
9 NLP Techniques for Psychological intervention- Three day online workshop Wellbeing Centre, Institute for Counselling and Psychotherapy, Chennai. 13- 15 July 2020
10 Fulfill the daily living of special children through drama therapy activities –State Level Webinar Dept. of Social work- Srimad Andavan Arts and Science College, Trichy 03 July 2020

Membership in Professional Association

  • 1.Life Member in Life Skills Association, Chennai.Membership No. IALSELM139.
  • 2.Tamil Nadu Psychology Association- Life Member- Reg. No. 14158
  • 3.Indian Academic Researchers Association- Life Member - Membership No.143/2018

Our Services


Internship given for students of psychology and Social work.Highlights of Internship are

  • Format (APA) for case history collection with Detailed Mental Health Examination.
  • Live case observation.
  • Demonstration of therapeutic techniques.
  • Discussion of case studies.
  • Psychometric Assessment with theoretical back-up.
  • Indepth training in Psychometric assessment
  • Report writing for Psychometric assessment.
  • Contact the director regarding Internship.

    Research Project Guidance

    1. Assistance for research guidance are available to students & research scholars (from PG - Ph.D) from various Colleges & Universities.
    2. Research assistance is offered for the following areas;
    a. Guidance for research proposal and synopsis submission.
    b. Thesis chapter writing assistance based on APA style.
    c. Data analysis using SPSS.
    d. Coaching offered regarding methodology and data analysis techniques.
    Fee structure is based on nature of support & requirement of the student or scholar.

    Individual Counseling

    Individual counseling helps the individual to understand their emotions, feelings and to help them make positive choices and decisions. It helps to reduce distress in difficult situation of life that has impacted a person’s life negatively. This negativity spreads to various aspects of individual’s life damaging relationships, destroying progress and degrading the self. Individual counseling enlightens awareness about their inner resources, encourages short and long term adaptive functioning which means positive coping, thus leading to psychological well-being.

    Various problems that are handled-

    • Stress related problems
    • Handling emotions
    • Handling fear
    • Handling Anxiety
    • Communication Difficulties
    • Overcoming procrastination
    • Difficulties in interpersonal relations.
    • Work life balance
    • Career counseling

    Student Counseling

    In recent times, there has been an increase in psychological, emotional and behavioral problems among school students. Students face peer pressure, academic stress, unrealistic parental expectations, bullying, change of school, verbal, emotional, sexual abuse, school adjustment etc. These issues if left unresolved will lead to failure at school, anxiety, drug abuse, childhood depression and suicide.

    Student counseling deals with these issues and assist to identify and gain a better understanding of the problem, strengthen their resources and find effective solutions to help them develop into an healthy personality.

    Some of the student’s problems that are dealt with-

    • Improving academic performance
    • Memory techniques
    • School and college adjustment
    • Burnout
    • Performance anxiety
    • Exam fear
    • Handling failure
    • Appropriate self expression (emotional)
    • Develop potentialities
    • Efficient study habits
    • Goal setting
    • Vocational Guidance

    Adolescent counseling

    Indian adolescents are at the crossroads. The growing up stage brings with it various intense issues. They are the vulnerable group because of their age, competition and relations in the family that leads to problems relating to the family, stress, peer pressure, adjustment in urban setting, anxiety, broken relationships, feelings of sadness, loneliness, confusion, suicide etc.

    Adolescent counseling provides confidentiality within them to understand and handle their problems. The psychological assistance provided leads to effective handling of the growing up challenges and equipping them towards better handling of distressing life situations.

    Marital counseling

    Premarital counseling is needed for responsible role changes, adjustment, understanding etc. Marital counseling helps Couples having relationship and communication difficulties, lack of understanding, pressures of extended family, affairs etc. This counseling aims to improve communication thereby improving relationship that leads to better understanding of self and spouse’s expectations and reducing conflict. This enhances their relationship and their wellbeing.

    Pre marital counseling

    • Conflict management
    • Relationship management
    • Adapting to role change
    • Marital disharmony
    • Lack of empathy and communication
    • Counseling for expectant mothers

    Family counseling

    Today, Indian parents with a cultural background and modern expectations from their children leads to lot of confusion in the value system for the child. This hinders the moral development of the children. This issue leads to friction in parent child relationship. The pressure from parents with extremely high expectations for achievement leads to anxiety, anger, fear of failure, depression etc. The parents are heart broken when they see their children struggle with various challenges of growing up. Modern parenting also needs technological control, about which the parents have to be oriented.

    Counseling for parent and child can reduce the disharmony between parent and child, improve mental health of the child.

    • Parent counseling
    • Child counseling
    • Behavior problems
    • Marital disharmony
    • Academic issues
    • Relationship with siblings

    School based programs

    The centre also undertakes various programs in schools. It aims at helping the students become mentally healthy, academically proficient; explore their skills, equipping them with successful handling of challenges, adjustment with peers etc. This program helps the students to take responsibility for school environment, develop positive peer culture, improves their motivation towards academic, be at peace and enjoy childhood.

    Interested schools may contact the director at the centre for need based programs.

    Workshop & Training (Provided for Parents ,Teachers ,Students & Adutls for Personal Enhancements)

    • Personality development
    • Self enhancement
    • Personal effectiveness
    • Improve quality of life
    • Life skills
    • Stress management
    • Emotional management

    • Effective communication
    • Understanding student’s Psyche
    • Positive Parenting
    • Teacher effectiveness
    • Assertiveness training
    • Spiritual Quotient
    • Stress management and self care
    • Psychometric assessment


    • Educational Interest
    • Aptitude test
    • Interest test
    • Personality test- EPQ, 16 PF
    • Achievement test
    • Adjustment test
    • Intelligence test (WAIS ,WISC ,Binet - Kamth)
    • Thematic Aperception Test
    • Rorschach Ink blot test
    • Job Satisfacation
    • Occupational Stress
    • Bell's Adolescent Adjustment Inventory
    • Emotional Intelligence Scale
    • Stress Scale

    Other services

    1. Spoken English

    Spoken English classes are taken up for individuals of all ages and professions. The centre trains the students in appropriate usage of grammar, story narration, conversation, group discussions, and extempore, translating news. The centre has trained 236 students (college & school students, professionals, professors and teachers) in English. The classes are conducted by trained teachers who are expert in the subject.

    2. Hindi classes

    The centre being affiliated to Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha, teaches Hindi from Prathamic to Praveen. 109 students of all ages completed Hindi course successfully till now.

    Latest News & Quotes

    Individual Counseling

    Counseling psychology is a construct that encompasses research and applied work.

    Student Counseling

    Student counseling is a professional educational service wherein practitioners strive to meet the needs of students.

    Family Counseling

    Family counseling works with families and couples in intimate relationships to nurture change and development.



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